Zoning Enforcement Officer: Dave Mayes

The Cass County Zoning Officer administers the Cass County Zoning Ordinance.
This applies to the unincorporated areas of the county as well as villages that do not have a zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance generally provides regulations that govern the use of property and includes such things as zoning districts, minimum lot sizes, setbacks, flood plain regulations, sign regulations, and variance criteria.
The zoning officer is also responsible for the review and issuance of building permits and the processing of applications for variances, conditional uses, special use permits, and rezoning request.
Request for information pertaining to all of the above should be obtained by contacting the Cass County Zoning Officer before proceeding with any commercial or residential project. Failure to obtain a building permit before starting a project may result in a fine.
Property owners and contractors can obtain applications for building permits and receive assistance by contacting the Cass County Zoning Officer.

Zoning Ordinance

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