Supervisor of Assessments: 

Theresa M. Cooper


 Deputy Assessor:   Crista Stanbridge 

                                   Deputy Assessor:  Angela Robertson



Tax Information Available Online

Online GIS and Property Tax Information click here:

Description of Services

The Cass County Office of Assessments is responsible for accurately assessing the more than 11,400 farm and non-farm real estate parcels within Cass County. We also annually apply over homestead and non-homestead exemptions on behalf of the taxpayers of Cass County. We assist the various facets of the public with many assessment questions each day, while keeping an organized and efficient office to serve the taxpayers to the best of our trained abilities. In addition, we calculate the annual farmland and preferential assessments, manage the exemptions, mail out new exemption forms for qualified taxpayers, track all of the real estate transfers of ownership in the tax data system, as well as maintain the GIS parcel mapping system for the county and property owners. The Cass County Office of Assessments would like local taxpayers to seek departmental and regulatory information from the Illinois Department of Revenue publications shown below:
Illinois Property Tax System
This is a great source of information applicable to any assessment office in the State of Illinois.

Publications & Applications

The following publications may be viewed or printed by clicking on the titles below:

Please call our office if you want to make sure you are receiving

all the Homestead exemptions you are entitled to receive.